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Shiitake Honpo

A lot of mushroom charm! Shiitake Honpo!

  • Taisuikaku, with the cooperation of the related group, (General incorporated foundation) Japan Kinoko Research Center and Kinko Shiitake Cooperative,
    We operate a mushroom specialty store "Shiitake Honpo", which disseminates information on mushrooms and sells them in stores.

    Heru Shiitake" with the theme of "safety, security, health and deliciousness".
    Shiitake"Takeo"/Raw Shiitake/Mushroom/Dried Shiitake/Sweets with Shiitake/
    Processed mushrooms / Mushroom accessory goods / Mushroom books / Inoculum / Logs / Cultivation / Tools, etc.
    The product lineup is suitable for a mushroom shop.
    Please use it when you come to this facility.

Processed product that allows you to enjoy the flavor of mushrooms

  • We sell a variety of processed foods so that you can enjoy mushrooms anytime, anywhere.
    Shiitake have 3 types of shiitake mushrooms containing shiitake powder.
    The rare Shiitake"Takeo" has a slightly scent of shiitake mushrooms and Taisuikaku at Taisuikaku for dinner.


  • We have a lot of cute mushroom goods such as watches, stuffed animals, tableware and sweets.
    How about as a memory of your trip?
    In addition, mushroom seeds are also sold seasonally in another corner.

What is the Japan Mushroom Center?

  • What is the Japan Mushroom Center?

    At the Japan Mushroom Center, useful mushroom fungi such as shiitake mushrooms
    Through research and dissemination guidance for mushroom cultivation with an emphasis on maintaining the ecosystem
    We have been engaged in business that contributes to the development of agriculture and forestry, academic culture, and mushroom industry in mountainous areas for half a century.