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A number of kaiseki meals aimed at local production for local consumption

Located between the Sea of Japan and the Chinese mountains, edible wild plants where you can feel the breath of the mountains in spring.
In summer, seafood such as rock oysters and white squid.
In autumn, mountain products such as shiitake mushrooms and nameko mushrooms.
And even in winter, snow crabs.
Please enjoy the taste of various seasons in each season of Tottori.
  • Mushroom kaiseki cuisine

    "Mushroom Kaiseki (6,700 yen)" using various mushrooms, developed at the "Japan Mushroom Center" with the theme of "safety, security, deliciousness, and health".
    Among them, the thick and Shiitake"shiitake steak" is delicious enough to change the image of Shiitake
    Mushrooms are high in fiber and this healthy dish is especially popular with women and the elderly.
    For countries that prefer to eat mushrooms
    Russia / France / Italy / China, and Japan can be mentioned, but among these, the Japanese seem to have the lowest intake of mushrooms.

    ●I fell in love with it at a glance and was surprised to see "Shiitake Mushroom Steak (Jumbo Shiitake Mushroom)"
    ●Shiitake mushroom's first love(Two-body shiitake mushroom)
    ●Crispy daughter raised in Tottori(Willow Matsutake)
    ●Mushroom seven fortune hot pot(Seven kinds of mushrooms will be launched)
    Other original mushroom dishes are available.
    We also have a "mushroom lunch" where you can enjoy mushrooms at noon. (Reservation required)
    • Characteristics


      Glutamic acid and guamilic acid coexist in shiitake mushrooms as umami ingredients, which enhances the taste of food.

      Low calorie

      Mushroom dishes are low in calories but contain many active ingredients in addition to vitamins.

      Dietary fiber

      Mushrooms, including shiitake mushrooms, contain a lot of dietary fiber.

      Some of the benefits of mushrooms

      Immunity enhancement effect(Anti-cancer effect. Anti-virus effect, etc.)/Blood pressure lowering effect/Cholesterol lowering effect/Bokeh prevention/Beautiful skin effect
  • Seasonal Kaiseki Meal

    Ingredients of various seasons for each season, which can only be tasted on that day
    A colorful "seasonal kaiseki meal" finished with a cooking method that makes the most of the ingredients.
    Please enjoy authentic dishes of Tottori, which is blessed with mountain seafood.
    Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine (9 dishes) 4900 yen (Tax included)

    Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine (10 dishes) 6300 yen (Tax included)

    Seasonal Kaiseki cuisine (11 dishes) 7500 yen (Tax included)
    • Menu example

      Seasonal Kaiseki Meal 【9 items】

      Appetizer/Zuri/Boiled food/Fried food/Grilled Dish/Plate/Steamed food/Suimono rice/Water confectionery

      Seasonal Kaiseki Meal【10 items】

      Appetizer/Zuri/Boiled food/Fried food/Grilled Dish/Plate/Steamed food/Strong soup rice/Water confectionery

      Seasonal Kaiseki Meal【11 items】

      Appetizer/Zuri/Boiled food/Fried food/Grilled Dish/Plate/Steamed food/Strong appetizer/Vinegar/Suimono rice/Water confectionery
  • Special Kaiseki

    A special day using local ingredients such as Tottori Wagyu Beef, Daisen Chicken
    "Special Kaiseki cuisine".
    Please enjoy the blessings of Tottori.

    Seafood carefully selected kaiseki cuisine     7500 yen(Tax included)

    Reward from the earth Kaiseki cuisine 8700 yen(Tax included)

    Luxury kaiseki cuisine of the sea and the earth 11800 yen(Tax included)
  • Hors d'oeuvre

    We will produce banquets and parties with gorgeousness and deliciousness.
    Individual dishes are also available for Corona
    Please do not hesitate to contact us.
    From 3,700 yen to 6,300 yen
  • Great Winter Food"Matsuba Crab』\

    Speaking of winter taste in Sanin Matsuba Crab. (Matsubagani)The light and elegant sweetness and delicate taste, the rich mellowness of the crab, is a taste that truly represents the Sea of Japan.

  • Breakfast

    Japanese breakfast with perfect taste and nutrition.
    Coffee and juice self-service in the morning!
    • Breakfast

      Opening Hours

      From 7:00 to 8:30
  • Dining"Karin"

    Very popular! Lunch with hot springs
    How about a Taisuikaku lunch with your friends and family?

    ★Random lunch(No reservation required)
    A:2,500 yen/B:2,000 yen/C:1,500 JPY
    D:1,500 yen/E::1,500 JPY / Bowl of rice topped with sashimi:1,500 JPY
    Okosama lunch:900 yen
    Unaju:1,500 JPY(Limited to 5 meals a day)
    Prefectural Beef Hitsumabushi:1,500 JPY(Limited to 5 meals)
    No reservation is required and all course come with natural hot springs!

    ★Excellent "Mushroom lunch』\(Reservation required by the day before)
    A:2,800 yen/B:2,000 JPY
    With natural hot spring!

    lunch time:11:30 to 14:00(Last order:13:30)
    ~ Every Monday ~ (Thursday) is a store holiday ~
    *Shiitake software is currently discontinued.

    *Towels are sold for 100 yen.
    • Restaurant information

      An example of lunch

      Random lunch/Mushroom Lunch A / B / Kids Meal/Shiitake software

      Opening Hours

      Breakfast:7:00 to 8:30/Lunch:11:30 to 14:00(Last order 13:30)*Closed on Wednesdays/Dinner:From 18:00 to 20:00